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Annual General Meeting


The 2022 BoFEP Annual General Meeting was held via Zoom on October 21st 2022. The agenda and reports presented at the meeting are available online (as a complete set, or as individual report as follows:

Full AGM Documents PDF

Welcome and Agenda

Minutes of 2021 AGM

BoFEP Chair’s Report

Membership Report

Report on BoFEP/ACCESS Conference

Communications Report

Ocean and Climate WG Report

EIUI WG Report

Work Plan 2022-23

At the AGM, our guest speaker Dr. Jeff Ollerhead of Mount Allison University gave an excellent talk “Expect the previously unexpected: shoreline change with accelerated climate change”.  Shoreline erosion and coastal flooding have become very serious problems in the Fundy region, accentuated by more severe storms during the hurricane season.


The 2021 BoFEP Annual Meeting was held on October 20th 2021 via Zoom.
The following reports were presented at the meeting.  Financial reports were circulated to Steering Committee members and other attendees.
BoFEP 2021 AGM Agenda

BoFEP 2020 AGM Draft Minutes
BoFEP 2021 AGM Chair’s report
BoFEP 2021 AGM letter to BoFEP Steering Committee
BoFEP 2021 AGM Work Plan 2021-2022
BoFEP 2021 AGM EIUI Working Group Report
BoFEP 2021 AGM Membership Committee Report
BoFEP 2021 AGM Communications Report
BOFEP AGM 2021 Report of Ocean Literacy Working Group
BoFEP 2021 AGM Report on Fundy-Minute-Series
BoFEP 2021 AGM Bay of Fundy Workshop Report
BoFEP 2021 AGM Draft Minutes

Friday, October 16, 2020

Via Zoom  (see below to request URL)
or in person at FORCE Visitor Center


1156 West Bay Road, Parrsboro NS

10:00 – 12:00 – AGM

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Cape Sharp Walk

  • Introductions – Chair (PW) (Items 1-3 , 15 min.)
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes of AGM, October 2019
  • Chairperson’s report – (PW) (5 min)
  • Financial report (SR) and Approval (10 min)
  • Membership report (HA) (5 min)
  • Communications report (JP, SR) (5 min)
  • 2021 Workshop (JM) (5 min)
  • Working Group, two reports (MB, BM) (10 min)
  • Strategic Plan report – MJ,HA,SC (20 min)

Other business

  • Nominations report (Mike B., Peter) (Items 10 to 13, 20 min)

11) Election of 2020-2021 Steering Committee
12)Close of AGM
13) Convening of 2020-2021 Steering Committee to elect Management Committee

        14)  Special Presentation – Dr. John Calder – Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO GeoPark (30 min)

15) Closure of Meeting
16) Lunch
17) Walk to Cape Sharp – Weather permitting; this is voluntary. Those       participating should have appropriate footwear and clothing.

Please note with COVID restrictions the limit on people inside the build is 10. We have just about reached capacity for the building. Please contact Sandra Currie for information on attending in person at 902-254-2510 or sandra.currie@fundyforce.ca. If attending online please contact Sandra before October 14th to receive ZOOM url and reports prior to the AGM.

2018 AGM archive