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Management Committee

Accountable to the Steering Committee, the Management Committee consists of the five (5) Partnership Officers and three (3) other Steering Committee representatives elected by the Steering Committee from among its members at a meeting immediately following each Annual General Meeting. In accordance with the policies approved by the Steering Committee, the Management Committee is responsible for recommending and ensuring implementation of the general orientation, strategies and action plans of the Partnership. It also ensures the efficient management of resources, projects and services, and other operations of the Partnership.

Management Committee 2020-2021 (Elected at AGM 16-10-2020)

Chair  – Peter Wells

Past Chair — (Open)

Vice-Chair – Sandra Currie

Treasurer – Susan Rolston (Interim, seeking replacement)

Secretariat – Bronte Thomas

Director at Large – Hugh Akagi

Director at Large  — Joshua McNeely

Director at Large  — (open)

Director at Large — (Open)

Member (ex officio, non-voting) – Jon Percy