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BoFEP Advocacy Policy
(As adopted at the 24/05/2013 Steering Committee Meeting)

The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) recognizes that advocacy can be an important tool used in support of the conservation of the Bay of Fundy ecosystem. Through our collective expertise, experience and perspectives, BoFEP has valuable insights to contribute to dialogue on conservation issues in the Bay of Fundy. BoFEP will strive to be an active participant in public dialogue, awareness building and government consultation/advisory opportunities on Bay of Fundy ecology and conservation issues.

BoFEP serves a unique role as a source of objective science-based knowledge and advice and a forum to facilitate open dialogue and partnerships among academia, government, industry, NGOs, First Nations and private citizens on conservation issues in the Bay of Fundy. Given this role, any messages and tactics issued on behalf of BoFEP must be knowledge-based, objective, non-antagonistic and non-partisan.

There are several other groups currently engaged in and better suited to taking on direct political advocacy / activism roles and tactics. BoFEP may partner with, support or otherwise work with these groups as long as BoFEP’s position and activities clearly remain objective and non-partisan.

Nonetheless, there may be circumstances that warrant BoFEP, as an organization, assuming a more explicit advocacy position or role. Such cases should entail issues of direct and pressing concern to the interests of BoFEP. Where such concerns arise, the appropriate position or role of BoFEP should be determined by the Steering and Management Committees.
In these cases, BoFEP’s position and activities must meet the following conditions:
• Be politically non-partisan.
• Be scientifically accurate based on the best available scientific evidence.
• Be within our area of expertise and mandate.
• Be focused on awareness building, education and cooperation

If our members choose to engage in advocacy activities, it should be clear that they are speaking or acting as individuals or members of other organizations, and not on behalf of BoFEP unless the activity is officially sanctioned by the BoFEP Steering and Management Committees.