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Steering Committee

Accountable to the Annual General Meeting, the Steering Committee shall consist of not more than twenty-four (24) elected members plus the immediate Past-Chair, and be representative of all partners, including community groups, academics, business/industry, First Nations, non-government organizations and federal, provincial and municipal governments. It is responsible for ensuring that Partnership decisions are in line with Partnership philosophy, for adopting policies and strategies, and for establishing committees.

BoFEP Steering Committee 2022-2023 (Elected at AGM 21-10-2022)

Hugh Akagi*

Karel Allard

Laura Barrett,

Tony Bowron,

Heather Breeze,

Sean Brillant,

Michael Butler,

Levi Cliché,

Sandra Currie*

Graham Daborn,

Sondra Eger

Jack Fife,

Claudette LeBlanc*

Bertrum MacDonald

Bryan Martin,

Katie McLean*,

Kerri McPherson,

Jon Percy*

Susan Rolston

Katie Schleit*

Suzuette Soomai

Kate Spooner*

Bronte Thomas*

Peter Wells*

[* also member of Management Committee]