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Books About the Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy: A Natural Portrait.  Scott Leslie. Stunning photographic homage explores many aspect of the dynamic Bay of Fundy.  Published by Key Porter Books. (2007). 167 pages. Amazon.com link.

Blomidon Rose. The story of the Blomidon countryside, its people, history and way of life. Esther Clark Wright. The Ryerson Press, Toronto. (1957) 206 pages.

 Local Knowledge and Local stocks: An Atlas of Groundfish Spawning in the Bay of Fundy. Jennifer Graham, Stephen Engle and Maria Recchhia. Centre for Community Based Management. St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. (2002) 63 pages.

 Voices of the Bay: Reflections on Changing Times along Fundy Shores. Richard Wilbur and Janice Harvey (editors). Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Fredericton N.B. (1992) 86 pages.

 Tidal Life: A Natural History of the Bay of Fundy. Harry Thurston. Cambden House Publishing, Cambden East, Ontario, (1990) 167 pages.