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Fundy Tidings

Fundy Tidings is the quarterly e-newsletter of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP). It will usually be circulated on or around the following dates: January 15 (Winter), April 15 (Spring), July 15 (Summer), October 15 (Autumn). The deadline for submissions is one week before each of these dates. Submissions from BoFEP members, partner organizations and individuals with an interest in the Bay of Fundy are welcome.The newsletter includes three categories of material: 1) Information about BoFEP and its activities 2) information about partner organizations and their activities 3) general news items pertaining to the Bay of Fundy. Material submitted may be edited for length. Submissions should be sent to bofep communications.
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In with the  the Tide

In with the Tide is the quarterly Newsletter of the Bay of Fundy Discovery Centre Association. To join the association ($10) or to subscribe directly to the newsletter see the form and contact information in the latest issue of the newsletter.
In with the Tide archive.