BoFEP Biennial Workshops

Approximately every two years BoFEP members get together to participate in a two or three day science workshop. Normally we try to alternate between venues in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The workshops are an opportunity to share research results, discuss ongoing research and conservation activities and consider new ventures, as well as to socialize with colleagues and friends.

 Workshop objectives:  

  • Share information and knowledge by paper and poster presentations;
  • Consider selected issues/concepts in panel discussions, roundtable sessions and networking
  • Share knowledge with community groups, high school science teachers and senior students
  • Recognize particular achievements by individuals
  • Foster public interest in the Bay of Fundy and the issues confronting it.
  • Convene the Annual General Meeting of BoFEP

 Workshops typically include:

  • paper sessions
  • poster session
  • keynote plenary speakers
  • roundtable discussions
  • public presentation on a topic of popular interest
  • awards to students for best papers and posters presented at the workshop
  • presentation of the BoFEP Bay of Fundy Stewardship Award
  • displays by relevant organizations and groups
  • local entertainment
  • banquet
  • field trips
  • opening reception
  • social event (barbecue?)
  • networking

 Outputs usually comprise:

  • Workshop Proceedings (Paper, CD and/or Website versions)
  • Photo gallery of workshop images online
  • Press release(s)
  • A contact list of participants