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BoFEP Environmental Stewardship Award

The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) has created an award to recognize the significant efforts of individual citizens toward the environmental stewardship of the Bay of Fundy. The first of these awards was presented in 2004 at the 6th Bay of Fundy Workshop held at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre, Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia.

2024 award guidelines and nomination form

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BoFEP Student Achievement Awards

BoFEP encourages and recognizes exceptional achievements by University students in research pertaining to the Bay of Fundy by awarding prizes for the best student papers and posters presented at its Bay of Fundy Science Workshops. First and second place awards are presented in each category. Panels of judges carefully review all eligible oral paper presentations and poster displays before rendering their decisions. The prizes consist of a modest cash award, a suitable book, a certificate and a letter of commendation for the students portfolio.

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BoFEP Special Recognition Awards

These awards are given periodically in order to recognize outstanding achievements within the BoFEP community

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Gulf of Maine Council of the Marine Environment Awards

Each year, the GoMCME gives several different awards to individuals, businesses, or organizations within each state and province bordering the Gulf.

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