Periodically BoFEP produces publications pertaining to the Bay of Fundy ecosystem. Some are “popular” in style and designed for a general audience. Others are of a more technical nature and intended primarily for a scientific audience. Some of the publications are produced independently by BoFEP members , while others are of sufficient interest to the broader Bay of Fundy community that they are reproduced with permission of the author.

Publications Series

  • Proceedings of Bay of Fundy Science Workshops – Proceedings of all the workshops held to date. Includes full papers or extended abstracts of all presentations.
  • Proceedings of BoFEP Occasional Workshops and Forums – Proceedings of  BoFEP sponsored workshops on a wide range of topics as well as well as the results of community and other forums.
  • Fundy Issues – These 4-16 page publications describe our present scientific understanding of important environmental issues confronting the Bay in a non-technical manner suited to a general audience. 31 of these fact sheets are now available on line and additional ones will be released periodically.
  • Fundy Tidings – Quarterly electronic newsletter of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership.
  • In With The Tide – Quarterly Newsletter of the Bay of Fundy Discovery Centre Association.
  • Bay of Fundy Articles – Online popular articles about various interesting aspects of the Bay of Fundy, reproduced with permission of the authors.
  • Miscellaneous Fundy Reports – Reports pertaining to the Bay of Fundy of potential interest to members that might not otherwise be available online. Posted with the permission of the individuals or organizations responsible.