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BoFEP Occasional

” Workshop for development of an Ocean Health Index for the Bay of Fundy”

September 29, 2015, St. Andrews, NB

The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) has been working for the past several years on developing a regional Ocean Health Index (OHI) score (www.oceanhealthindex.org) for the southwestern Bay of Fundy. The OHI score is a tool and methodology that can be used to report on the social and environmental health of the Bay.

The workshop is intended to be of interest to a wide audience and is a follow-up to a workshop held in April 2013 in St. Andrews at which workshop attendees recommended to BoFEP that applying the OHI methodology to the Bay of Fundy be tested. More details can be found at:

Invitation to BoFEP OHI workshop_Sept 29
Sept29 meeting agenda_DRAFT

“Climate Change in the Bay of Fundy” 

Under the 2010-2014 Gas Tax Agreement and the Municipal Funding Agreement, NS municipalities are required by December 31, 2013, to complete Municipal Climate Change Action Plans (MCCAP). Funded by Environment Canada, BoFEP and Anne Warburton of Elemental Sustainability, hosted two workshops in February 2013, to assist municipalities in the initial stages of climate change action planning. A workshop at Bible Hill was held on February 7th, and another in Annapolis Royal on February 13th.


Final report


“Mitigating Impacts of Stormwater, Wastewater and Pharmaceuticals in the Environment”
The Planners’ Workshops hosted jointly by BoFEP and the Ecology Action Centre, are part of a larger BoFEP project titled ‘Utilizing a Comprehensive Approach for Addressing Toxic Chemical Concerns Affecting Sustainable Use of The Bay of Fundy’. The workshops, held in Digby NS (February 22, 2012) and Saint John NB (February 23, 2012), were designed to help planners, municipal officials and other interested Stakeholders effectively manage stormwater while also Raising awareness on the impacts of pharmaceuticals In the marine environment.
Stormwater Workshops Final Report [PDF format 4.79MB]
Individual workshop presentations are available online at:


“Tools for Healthy Watersheds”
Planners’ Workshops held in Digby, NS – March 16, 2011, Saint John, NB – March 23, 2011, and Sackville, NB – March 24, 2011. A series of Workshops jointly organized by BoFEP and the Ecology Action Centre for Municipal and Regional Planners from all around the Bay of Fundy. The purpose of the workshops was to increase municipal and regional planners’ awareness of the many complex linkages between land-based activities within their municipalities and the health of coastal habitats and watersheds, as well as to provide information on appropriate tools for watershed protection. The following workshop reports and presentations are available online:


“Threats to the Health of the Bay of Fundy: Potential Problems Posed by Pollutants” 
A workshop organized under the auspices of BoFEP’s Working Group on Stress and Cumulative Effects, on 30th April 2010 at the Fairmont Algonquin Hotel, St. Andrews, New Brunswick.Editors M.D.B. Burt and P.G. Wells. BoFEP Technical Report No. 5, 72 pages, December 2010.