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Fundy Issues

The Fundy Issues “fact sheets”  describe our scientific understanding of many of the important issues confronting the Bay or topics of particular interest.  They summarize the available information in an impartial and non-technical manner suited to a general audience. They range from 4 to 16 pages in length.

 Paper copies of some of the Fundy Issues can be requested from:

The Following Fundy Issues fact Sheets are available online. They are grouped into themes rather than order of publication. The issue number/date of publication are in parentheses.

A. The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership

B. Ecology of the Bay

C. Changes in the Bay

D. Wildlife of Fundy

E. Fisheries and Aquaculture

F. Pollution and Monitoring the Health of the Bay

G. Managing Fundy’s Coastal waters

 Future Fundy Issues?

BoFEP is always open to suggestions for topics for future Fundy Issues.……. E-mail them to: communications@bofep.org

Possible Topics for Future Issues

  • Sustaining Ecosystem Health
  • Habitat Protection and Restoration
  • Exploitation of Lower Trophic Levels
  • Right Whales (Update and expand issue #6)
  • Shorebirds in General
  •  Coastal Communities and their Challenges
  • Wharves and Marine Infrastructure
  • Coastal Development
  • Anadromous Fish
  • Fundy Heritage and Culture (including abandoned lighthouses?)
  • Wetlands as Geochemical Filters
  • Aquaculture (update and expand issue #7 – info on new approaches)
  • Economics of Marine Resources
  • Marine Conservation Related Organizations and Networks around the Bay of Fundy
  • Farming Around Fundy
  • Forestry Around Fundy
  • Sharks and their Fishery in the Bay of Fundy
  • The Seabirds of Fundy
  • Sturgeon in the Bay of Fundy