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The Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership is a virtual Institute, open to both individuals and groups  who are interested in the well being of the Bay of Fundy. It is our goal to promote the integrity, vitality, biodiversity and productivity of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem, and to protect the social well-being and economic sustainability of its coastal communities. We strive to facilitate communication and co-operation among individuals and organizations interested in understanding, sustainably using and conserving the resources and unique ecology of the Bay of Fundy.


Successful 11th BoFEP Science Workshop

The challenges for science, policy and society in the Bay of Fundy were amply laid out by the speakers at the thirteen sessions at the BoFEP Science workshop held in Fredericton in June. From new technologies for monitoring to how bitumen moves in the Bay of Fundy, the niche of Striped Bass in the Fundy …

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BoFEP Project – A Framework for Regional Ocean Health Index

The Ocean Health Index (OHI) score for the area stretching between the U.S. border and the Musquash Estuary shows that the area is comparable to the score for the rest of Canada’ coastal and marine areas. The preliminary results of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership OHI study show an overall score of 65, compared …

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brent.suttie photo

BoFEP Science Workshop Special Presentation

“Near Coastal and Submerged Land and Evidence of Past Occupation within the Bay of Fundy”. Brent Suttie is the New Brunswick Provincial Archaeologist and Director of the Archaeology Branch of the NB Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. His specialty is reconstructing past landscapes and determining when they were occupied. Suttie He has been a …

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Copy of Katherine Mills

BoFEP Science Workshop Keynote Presentation

“Warming, ecosystem change, and fisheries in the Gulf of Maine:  from understanding to adaptation” Dr. Katherine Mills is an associate research scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine. As a quantitative fisheries ecologist, Kathy has studied ecosystem change and fish-ecosystem relationships in the Gulf of Maine region for over a decade.  …

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