Need information about the Bay of Fundy?

There are many organizations that have interests in the Bay, be it resource use, environmental conservation, wildlife protection, industrial development, ecotourism or community development. Their Web sites offer a wealth of valuable information about their goals, activities and interests.

There are also many  WebSites, Books, Fact sheets, Articles and Videos that provide information about the Bay of Fundy; be it geology, oceanography, marine biology, fisheries, climatology etc. The following may help you to find answers to your questions about the Bay of Fundy. Select from the categories listed below to access the directories.

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Fundy Issues -

  BoFEP Fact Sheets on Issues confronting Fundy

Fundy Focus -

  Online articles about interesting aspects of the Bay of Fundy

Fundy Partners -

  Groups, organizations and agencies in and around Fundy

Fundy Facts -

  Web links to a wealth of information about Fundy

Fundy Folio -

  Books about Fundy

Fundy Films -

  Videos and films about Fundy