Sep 11

BoFEP Steering Committee Meeting

There will be a meeting of the BoFEP Steering Committee on Monday Sept. 24th from 1-4 p.m. at Tweedie Hall, Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.  All BoFEP supporters are invited, particularly those with an interest in being nominated to the Steering Committee or in helping chart the future direction for BoFEP. RSVP to seapencom@gmail.com.

Strategizing about the future of the Bay of Fundy is the topic of this BoFEP Steering Committee meeting. All Steering committee members are urged to attend.

As part of its renewal plan, BoFEP has identified key areas for action over the next few years. At this meeting,  BoFEP hopes that Steering Committee members can priorize and support these actions and create the pathways for cooperation among groups and individuals who are keenly interested in the Bay, its issues and its future.

Being on the edge of the Gulf of Maine, which has recorded the largest change in water temperatures of any water body in the past few years, many kinds of change will be happening in this ecosystem in the years to come. Focussing a clear agenda to study those changes and prepare for them could contribute to maintaining ecosystem integrity and accommodating change to reduce its socio-economic and cultural implications.

The areas for action that will be discussed are the result of a session at the BoFEP workshop held in May of this year. At the Workshop, speakers identified future research needs in the Bay considering current and emerging issues and the role of BoFEP in facilitating future research.

We will also be discussing nominations for the next Steering Committee and recruitment of new members. Discussion which begins at 1pm with a light lunch provided at 12:30.  This meeting is open to all who have an interest in the Bay.